Hire me!
Yes, you can hire me!
I know how computers work, and can program them to do things.
I can also check that computers are doing the right things too.
If you need your computers to do things, please contact me via email.

Site under reconstruction!

Seriously, I haven't updated it in ages!

TfGuy44 Hello! My name's Thomas, and this is my website, such that it is.
Below you'll find a few silly things I've made.
Please note that these are silly things, and are no longer a really accurate representation of my programing abilities.
Birthday Quest! Using just over 800 lines of code, I made this game for my friend's birthday.
It's a pretty fun way to kill 40 minutes of your time (or more, if you suck at games).
I don't think she ever bothered to complete it...
Booms Here's a new luck-not-skill-based game with clicking and explosions: Booms!
Can you beat my amazingly lucky highscore of 207?
Insanity One morning, after staying up all night, I had an idea for a game.
It's not my fault if you go insane trying to beat it.
People I once made this thing about some people I knew.
There are a bunch of hidden pages to find in it.